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KOREA BUILD is the biggest trade show all about Korean building material(interior, exterior), architecture, furniture, home furnishing and construction & HVAC tech.  (Go to see KOREA BUILD Gallery)

The KOREA BUILD fair includes the items in the following categories;

  • Interior materials, Structural materials, Exterior materials, Finishing materials, Insulation, Sound-Proofing materials, Incombustible material, Flooring materials, Stone, Tile
  • HVAC system : Air conditioning and Heating · Ventilation Equipment, New regeneration energy
  • Sanitary Items : Ceramics, Bathroom amenities, Faucet, Pump
  • Coating Materials,  Waterproof Material / Paint
  •  Construction Tools, Construction Equipment
  • Public facilities, Gardening facilities, Playing facilities, Indoor · Outdoor gardening
  • Lighting material, electrical installation material, Control system
  • Home IoT, Home Security
  • Housing plan · Construction
  • Housing information
  • Windows, Doors, Home Hardware items, Glass, Awning
  • Home Interior, Home Furnishing

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[ Korean market ramp-up program ]

Are you planning to export your products to Korea?  Or do you need reliable partner to set up your business in Korea?

korea build - korean building material - business partner matching

With more than 30 years experience as the top tradeshow in the industry category, KOREA BUILD has built huge networks not only with almost every Korean building material manufacturers, but also with government agencies, research centers, professors, importers/distributors in South Korean market.

Now we are willing to help non-Korean companies who want to explore or set up South Korean market which is one of the most delicate and matured, but will be the important market for expanding your business into huge Asian market.

If you need any kind of consultation or research, setup procedure for your business in Korea, please let us know.

The services that we can provide includes;

  • Research of specific market status of South Korea for your specific business category or item.
  • Consultation and matching service for finding distributor or partner company in South Korea.
  • Service of practical market development or settlement by the form of your branch or liaison office in South Korea.
  • Legal counseling service, or matching Korean lawyer for your contract or business operation in South Korea.

And if you need specific help or request that are not listed above, we can check first and let you know.

Fill in the form in the following, then we will try our best to help you do your business in Korea.




Annual Schedule

KOREA BUILD in Seoul 2020


2020. 7.2(Thu) – 5(Sun)
KOREA BUILD in Busan 2020


2020. 9.10(Thu) – 13(Sun)


2021.2. 24(Wed) – 28(Sun)